Mad et Len parfumage de chambre
Mad et Len

Mad et Len parfumage de chambre

Mad and Len is a Niche fragrance house based in southern France, near Grasse. Their perfumes, candles and home fragrances are made of natural ingredients and are packed in handmade packaging.

100 ml

Weight 0.4 kg


Fragrance notes:

Lili Neroli - a floral honeyed with herbal and green facets, delicate orange with dried flowers

Spirituelle - crispy cold mint infused with a hint of sugary orange blossom and warm wormwood

Thé Sichuan - celestial peppery sichuan tea and crystallized white bergamot

Fique Noir - scented dusk under a wild fig tree

Terre Noire - black earthy soil with mineral notes and ancient petrified pine

Vetyver Bucolique - from dark brown vetiver with greenish highlights of tobacco to almost black honey