Interior Scent Nr. 2
Interior Scent Nr. 2
The Wunderkammer

Interior Scent Nr. 2

Scent Nr. 2 

50 ml

• Coconut - Galbanum - Fig - Frankincense - Cypress - Benzoin - Ambrette - Vanille
- Cumin - Cedarwood - Fern - Jasmine
- Strawberry - Rose - Plum - Cassis - Mint - Tonka Bean - Sandalwood


One of our most favourite pleasures is walking in the garden and inhaling the scent of the flowers, leaves, and plants around us. Every plant has its own scent: some are bitter, some are sweet, and some have a fruity flavour. Gingers (Hedychium spec.) are a winner, strong at night with a tropical twist, while basil (Ocimum basilicum) is sharp and pungent, wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is sweet and fruity, and fig (Ficus carica) is bitter and earthen.

When you brush your fingers through quite a few of these plants, you collect a bouquet of scents. Together with a perfume house we were able to preserve these floral memories of our garden and travels in a bottle. We had so many nice ideas, but we ended up with just two varieties. Hopefully you will catch some of our enthusiasm once you use our home Scent.